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Keep Water Out with Durable, Premium Window and Door Flashing

Bridge the gap between rough opening and building envelope to prevent water intrusion around heads and jambs of doors and windows.

DuPont™ StraightFlash™ door and window flashing provides premium protection against water intrusion. By sealing vulnerable areas around openings, StraightFlash™ can help improve the durability and energy efficiency of both homes and commercial structures.

How it Works

StraightFlash™ flashing combines a DuPont™ Tyvek® topsheet with a 100% butyl-based adhesive layer. This allows it to combine the strength, durability, and water resistance of Tyvek® material with the convenience and flexibility of a self-adhered flashing.

The result: premium door and window flashing protection that keeps rain out, and is designed to integrate with all other DuPont™ air and water barriers, as part of a building envelope system.

Enhanced Durability and Energy Efficiency

The gap between rough openings for doors and windows is a vulnerable weak point for water penetration into walls. Sealing it with DuPont™ StraightFlash™ helps prevent water intrusion thereby stopping potential water damage -- from rot and corrosion to mold -- before it starts. That can improve wall assembly durability.

And by helping to prevent air and water leakage, DuPont™ StraightFlash™ can also help preserve the installed R-Value of insulation helping to make buildings more energy efficient.

More Sustainable Structures

When used as part of a DuPont Building Envelope system, DuPont™ StraightFlash™ door and window flashing can also help contribute towards U.S. Green Building Council LEED® points.

Premium Quality and Support

StraightFlash™ offers superior performance and more:

  • Backed by a limited product warranty from DuPont.
  • Qualified to several key industry-approved standards, including AAMA 711-07 Voluntary Specification for Self Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Products.
  • Supported by the DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialist Network.