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Corn Farming Mechanization in China

Together with local farmers and partners in China, DuPont is promoting corn farming mechanization and hybrid seed technology to improve crop yields

This story illustrates how DuPont Pioneer is working alongside local equipment manufacturers and regional officials to bring corn farming mechanization to local farmers in China, helping them increase their yields.


The Science Behind Feeding Burgeoning Populations

Our story follows a corn farmer, and we see firsthand the ease of precision seeding technology using the Pioneer® brand hybrid seed and mechanized corn planting. We hear from the farmer’s son, who grew up on the farm, but was able to go to college in Beijing because of the success of his father’s farm.

We further see a demonstration to local farmers on how the planting works, and hear from the Ministry of Agriculture about the vital importance of educational seminars in helping train farmers on the improved farming methods.


  • INDUSTRY: Agriculture
  • LOCATION: China

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