Rennet for Cheese Production

Working closely with small farmers in Columbia, DuPont provides Marschall® brand rennet for cheese production

Told through the eyes of a dairy farmer’s son, this documentary recounts the story of how local dairy farmers in Columbia learn about Marschall® brand rennet for cheese production.   Juan Escobar, from DuPont, explains the science behind the Marschall® tablets, and why this particular rennet is useful for the Colombia market.  We also learn that DuPont teaches the farmers how to use the rennet tablets so they can consistently produce high quality cheese, while reducing milk waste. 

Meanwhile, our local Municipal Health Authority representative, Jaime Ramirez, describes how the local government is working with DuPont to help local farmers become better cheese producers and what this means to their families and the community as a whole. 

As the film concludes, the farmer’s son thanks DuPont for helping them create this cheese, ultimately providing them and the people of Colombia more nutritious food.

DuPont Danisco

  • INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage
  • LOCATION: El Dificil, Columbia

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