Improving Rice Production in Indonesia

Crop protection aids Indonesian subsistence farmers.


After a pest crisis crippled rice farms in many countries throughout Asia in 2008, DuPont developed solutions to help protect food crops and help farmers improve rice production.


The Science Behind Pest Control for Crops

Among its efforts, DuPont™ Rynaxypyr® insecticide helped Indonesian farmers in the village of Kuta Rakyat control the pests that traditionally ravaged their harvests. Rynaxypyr® insecticide works against pests that are resistant to other insecticides, without harming beneficial species, and has an excellent environmental profile.

These crop protection efforts in farming communities aided the quality of life in Indonesia — helping the country both feed its people and avoid the political strife and food riots that blighted many other Asian nations at the time.

Indonesian Agency for Agricultural & Research Development (IAARD)

  • INDUSTRY: Agriculture
  • LOCATION: Jakarta, Indonesia

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