Rice Farming Education and Technology

In collaboration with the Agricultural Department of Uttar Pradesh, DuPont Pioneer provides hybrid rice seed technology and farming techniques necessary to improve rice production for their growing population.

This two-minute documentary shows how DuPont Pioneer and the local Department of Agriculture in India have collaborated to provide rice farming training programs around the state of Uttar Pradesh. These schools promote sustainable farming methods, through free education and science, to local farmers, helping to increase yields, secure a sustainable supply of food for the population of Uttar Pradesh, and ultimately increase India’s food security.

The Science Behind Seed School

Our story follows farmer, Himanshu Verma, one of the first graduates from this program, as he explains the impact this agricultural training has had on his livelihood.  Govind Sharma, DuPont Pioneer Agronomist explains the collaboration between DuPont and the local agriculture authorities in bringing science and education as well as the use of PHB-­‐71 hybrid seed to these rice farmers.  By offering a sustainable program, DuPont is offering local farmers not only better harvests but also brighter futures.



Department of Agriculture (ATMA), Uttar Pradesh

  • Challenge: Food
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Location: India

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