Providing Nutrition to Malawi with Soy Protein

Together with local growers, producers, and distributors, DuPont helped introduce a nutrient-dense soy protein supplement to Malawi as part of a solution for malnutrition.

May 19, 2011

According to Dr. Mary Shawa of the Malawi Ministry of Heath, malnutrition used to claim the life of one Malawian every four seconds. But Dr. Shawa, working with the Gift of the Givers Foundation (an NGO), had a vision: that Africa’s local groundnut crops could become part of a high-energy and nutrient-dense soy protein supplement that could be consumed by infants, adults, and the elderly alike.

DuPont food scientists helped provide Rab Processors the soy protein and processing support needed to bolster the new production of a good-tasting nutritional food supplement. Named Sibusiso, the Zulu word for “blessing,” and made of locally grown groundnuts and soy protein from Solae, it enables a solution to malnutrition and hunger in Malawi, Africa.

The food supplement does not require cooking or refrigeration. And, as it is made from a local groundnut crop, both its production and distribution support Malawi’s farmers and stimulate the country’s economy — while feeding its people.


Gift of the Givers
Rab Processors

  • INDUSTRY: Agriculture
  • LOCATION: Malawi

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