Sustainable Aquaculture – Creating a Healthy Source of Protein

Aquaculture helps meet our planet’s need for protein.

Chilean salmon producers at AquaChile found themselves in a challenging position. While committed to providing a healthy source of protein and Omega 3 to the world’s growing population, they were also passionate about protecting the wild fish in their ocean through sustainable aquaculture. DuPont recognized that the use of essential Omega 3 fatty acids produced by yeast-based fermentation could significantly decrease the use of fish oil in salmon aquaculture — it could cut the four kilograms of wild fish once needed to produce farmed salmon (4:1) down to 1 kilogram (1:1), while still maintaining nutritional value and quality. Together AquaChile and DuPont, with support from the World Wildlife Fund, developed a comprehensive and sustainable solution to salmon farming. The story of how they made this happen is seen through the eyes of a local salmon farmer.

Together with AquaChile, DuPont is introducing an innovative new way to provide nutritious protein for a growing population, while sustainably maintaining our fish stocks for generations to come.


  World Wildlife Fund


  • INDUSTRY: Agriculture
  • LOCATION: Patagonia, Chile