Helping to Build Affordable Homes in Campeche

DuPont is helping Repshel find a solution that can replace thousands of temporary dwellings with affordable homes built of safe and sanitary modular PVC housing material.

Affordable housing is a cornerstone of a safe and healthy lifestyle. But in Campeche, Mexico, the community was facing a crisis with a lack of affordable homes. Every day, the people faced uncertainty, and battled illness in substandard dwellings.

DuPont helped supply materials to Repshel, who developed a technology to produce affordable homes that would replace substandard ones. Repshel then collaborated with the Campeche government to help make these affordable homes more accessible to families in need. Materials including panels made with DuPont polymers and DuPont titanium dioxide were used to help build an efficient and sturdy home for the family featured in the video.

This home shows the benefits of collaboration, and the possibilities for making safe housing accessible worldwide.



  • CHALLENGE: Protection
  • INDUSTRY: Building and Construction
  • LOCATION: Campeche, Mexico