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Body & Exterior

Stylish Design for Automotive Body and Exterior Products

DuPont Automotive helps design engineers make fuel-efficient cars that are stylish, affordable, and fun to drive. Our materials and expertise offer unique design opportunities while reducing production time, costs, and environmental impact.

Design engineers can enhance several areas of the automotive body and exterior to improve the vehicle’s comfort and design.

Comfort and Design: Using plastic in exterior trim such as the front grille offers designers weight reduction, time and cost savings, and fantastic styling flexibility. Headlamp bezels add personality and can be made with DuPont resins, which can be molded into a unique design, providing excellent surface appearance straight from the mold.

Total System Cost: DuPont resins offer heat resistance, thermal stability, and reduced defects from outgassing. Cost savings are also realized through longer production runs, higher yields, and improved uptime.