New DuPont™ Crastin® PBT Family Achieves High CTI, Delivers Melt Stability and Hydrolysis Resistance

K 2013 – Düsseldorf, Germany, October 16-23, 2013

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Product Debuts in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Connectors

Düsseldorf, Germany, Oct. 16, 2013 – The newest addition to the hydrolysis resistant family of DuPont™ Crastin® PBT resins achieves a comparative tracking index (CTI) rating of 600V for improved component safety, and adds melt stability for better processing, which often leads to lower costs. The new family – Crastin® HR HFS – also allows designers to make components with thinner walls and allows processors to use newer technology as the material stays in the melt state even longer.

Comparative Tracking Index

= CTI (V) Second generation Crastin® HR HFS PBT sets the industry-leading CTI of 600V (IEC 60112).

HVSC connectors of Crastin® HR HFS PBT

KET 20 and 200 amp automotive HVSC connectors of Crastin® HR HFS PBT offer all the mechanical toughness of nylon PA66 with the addition of a best-in-class CTI of 600V, meeting OEM electrical resistance requirements at high temperature.

Melt Viscosity Chart

Chart illustrates superior flow of Crastin® hydrolysis resistant high flow grades compared with two competitive PBT products, demonstrating its suitability for low melt temperature processes, enabling reduced cycle times, a wider processing window and enhanced product quality.

Crastin® HR HFS is targeted for automotive electric and electronic components and for hybrid and electric vehicles to help meet the ongoing “miniaturization” trend. The product debuted in high voltage shield connectors for battery packs and inverters.

“This second generation of hydrolysis resistant Crastin® retains its high performance but processes like a standard Crastin® grade, delivering superior flow for low-melt temperature processes, enabling reduced cycle times, a wider processing window and enhanced product quality,” said Antonio Nerone, global segment leader, Electric & Electronic, DuPont Performance Polymers. “It also offers a best-in-class CTI of 600V for greater component safety, particularly in hybrid and electric vehicles.”

Commercial Debut

Korea Electric Terminal Co., Ltd. (KET), based in Incheon City, South Korea, selected Crastin® HR HFS for its 20A 3P and 200A 2P high-voltage shield connectors (HVSC). The 20 ampere 3-pin model is used to connect power to auto compressors and electronic control units, while the larger 200 ampere model connects auto battery packs and inverters.“At KET we had originally planned to develop the parts using nylon PA66 because of its good mechanical properties, but PA66 could not meet the OEMs electrical resistance requirements under high temperature testing conditions (minimum 500 MOhm at 120°C and DC 500V). Crastin® HR HFS provides the solution because it has toughness and excellent electrical performance even in high temperature conditions,” said Hoon Kim, R&D Team Leader at KET.

Direct Drop-in Solutions

The Crastin® HR HFS family includes Crastin® HR5315HFS and Crastin® HR5330HFS, with 15 and 30 percent glass-reinforcement respectively, available in natural and laser markable black. Both are impact modified with high strain-at-break values, while retaining the stiffness of a reinforced PBT. They qualify as direct drop-in solutions to replace existing Crastin® HR grades in automotive connectors, electronic control units (ECUs) and fuse boxes.

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