Antifouling and Cleaning Solutions to Enhance Productivity

Antifouling and Cleaning - Working man applying force to an oil and gas pipe.

The Oil & Gas industry can’t afford downtime. That’s why DuPont offers a superior range of antifouling & cleaning solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.

DuPont™ StreaMax™ multilayered coating system designed for the Oil & Gas industry, features excellent non-stick and product release properties.

DuPont™ Glycolic Acid fulfills many unique cleaning roles in industrial applications thanks to its ability to chelate metal salts. It is an extremely versatile, readily biodegradable liquid that is safer to handle, easy to use and offers numerous additional benefits, including lower corrosion to most common metals, negligible odor, low toxicity as compared to other products and non-flammability. Applications include removal of hard water scale deposits in boilers and heat exchangers.

DuPont™ Teflon® and other fluoropolymer Industrial Coatings provide non-stick and anticorrosion benefits for many oil field components.

DuPont™ Capstone® fluorosurfactants provide unsurpassed surface tension reduction for foaming and penetration in oil field pumping operations.