Industrial Water Treatment - Bioflim Control & Bactericides

Waterfall - DuPont offers solutions and technologies that aid in cleaning and sanitizing water.

In the area of industrial water treatment, we offer solutions and technologies that aid in cleaning and sanitizing. These include:

DuPont™ Anthium Dioxcide®

This is a stabilized chlorine dioxide solution, with similar benefits to Chlorine Dioxide. It is a highly effective bactericide for smaller Oil & Gas field applications. DuPont™ Anthium Dioxcide® is also ideal for both brine and fresh water systems in the control and abatement of poisonous and corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) and the sulfate-reducing bacteria which occur in sub-surface injection wells.

DuPont™ Chlorine Dioxide

Produced on-site, DuPont™ Chlorine Dioxide is a selective oxidizer for biofilm treatment, mainly for water treatment facilities that are affiliated with a refinery or power/utilities plant. It is also a very effective biocide to control process water and waste water environmental issues associated with mill and process water. This solution can also be used effectively as a disinfectant, algaecide and oxidizer in influent process waters and waste waters.  

DuPont™ Particlear™

DuPont™ Particlear™ tailings technology is a silica rheology modifier for use in tailings technology delivers a proven silica-based chemistry (not a flocculent) with a robust process to achieve both performance and regulatory goals.