High Performance Materials

DuPont specializes in high performance materials including chemicals, polymers, elastomers, fibres, fabrics and garments.

DuPont specializes in chemicals, polymers, elastomers, fibres, fabrics and garments.  We have a significant offering of products for extreme environments and applications that support increasing service life, improving reliability, productivity and working at peak efficiency.

Chemicals to enable peak efficiency

DuPont chemicals are ideal for such applications as water treatment, cleaning products, lubricants, fire extinguishants and oil well productivity. We will work with you to first understand your needs and then develop or tailor a solution to meet your challenge. 

Polymers & Elastomers for increasing service life and reliability

A major focus for our polymers in Oil & Gas is the elimination of challenges with current materials, including avoiding corrosion associated with metals and alloys, reduction in gas permeation problems associated with commodity plastics like PE and PP, and mechanical improvement and of all polymers through the incorporation of processing additives or chemical modification. 

Fibres, Fabrics & Garments for reinforcement and protection

Whether the need is reinforcement or protection, DuPont has a range of products for the Oil & Gas industry.  Garments and equipment made from brands such as Nomex®, Kevlar®, Tyvek®, Protera™ and  Tychem® more provide trusted protection.