Oil & Gas Well Productivity Enhancement

Oil & Gas Well Productivity - oil rig at sunset.

DuPont offers a wide range of products to enhance Oil & Gas well productivity. We have products that address stimulation additive needs, drilling fluid agents, surface tension reduction and bacterial control.

DuPont™ Anthium Dioxcide® a stabilized chlorine dioxide solution for smaller applications. It has similar benefits to Chlorine Dioxide; is a highly effective bactericide for both brine and fresh water systems. Applications include control and abatement of poisonous and corrosive hydrogen sulphide gas and sulphate-reducing bacteria.

DuPont™ Chlorine Dioxide is produced on-site. It is a selective oxidizer for biofilm treatment and biocide control for process or waste water including water facilities and cooling towers that are affiliated with a refinery or power/utilities plant. As a frac processing aid, it effectively oxidizes iron sulfide.

DuPont™ Glycolic and Polyglycolic Acids ensure economical cleaning by providing low-cost metal complexing in a readily biodegradable form.

DuPont™ Capstone® Fluorosurfactants provide unsurpassed surface tension reduction and can be used in combination with existing surfactants in well stimulation fluids for faster, more complete fluid recovery.

DuPont™ MATRx™ Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) Technology.  DuPont has demonstrated that it can improve the recovery of oil in existing wells with very low capital investment, low operating costs, and a greatly reduced environmental footprint.