Production Optimization & Flow Assurance

A Refinery - DuPont products offer a range of antifouling, lubrication, descaling & cleaning solutions to aid in Oil & Gas prodution optimization and flow assurance.

The upstream Oil & Gas industry is all about productivity which includes production optimization and flow assurance. That’s why DuPont offers a superior range of antifouling, lubrication, descaling & cleaning solutions to optimize your operations and keep them running smoothly & consistently.


DuPont™ Glycolic Acid is a highly effective aid for flow assurance and well rehabilitation needs.  Typical applications include cleaning, descaling, acidizing and metal complexing.

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) Technology

DuPont has demonstrated that MATRx™ EOR Technologies can improve the recovery of oil in existing wells with very low capital investment, low operating costs, and a greatly reduced environmental footprint.

Non Metallic Pipe

DuPont offers a unique line of Engineering Resins and technologies for polymeric pipe.  DuPont™ Pipelon® is an alternative to steel that extends the life of siphon strings.

Performance Lubricants

DuPont™ Krytox® performance lubricants meet the challenges of the Oil & Gas industry in applications such as electrical submersible pumps (ESP's) and other downhole equipment as well as rotating rig equipment e.g. top drives, gear boxes and pumps.  Krytox® provides highly specialized, inert, nontoxic lubrication solutions that perform even in extreme environments.

Protective Coatings

DuPont™ StreaMax™ is a multilayered coating system specifically developed for the Oil & Gas industry to combat fouling and corrosion in oil field tubulars.

Umbilicals & Flexible Risers

Offshore production platforms count on the strength of DuPont™.  Click here for more information.