Safety and Protection

We understand that national security and public safety are not the jobs of one single person or agency. It’s a nationwide effort and it takes a nationwide presence.

We support this effort with innovations and collaborations that produce a wide range of safety and protection solutions for today and tomorrow.

We develop personal protection solutions for the Warfighters who protect us; protect critical information with authentication and security measures; and provide materials that help protect infrastructures that safeguard our nation’s assets, such as buildings and bridges.  We’ve spent years collaborating with Canadian federal government agencies, provinces, territories and municipalities to help serve and protect what matters most.

Protection Technologies

Federal, state and local agencies representing military, law enforcement, first responder and industrial services look to DuPont government solutions to help them provide technology for personal protective equipment. By collaborating with agencies, communities and governments, we can engineer and offer the latest personal protective equipment solutions that can help keep workers safe while they continue changing and improving the world. 

Vehicle Armor

Because the road home is never an easy one, DuPont takes a leadership role in research and development to find ways to bring our Warfighters home safely. Warfighters constantly face life-and-death situations, so to help protect them on their missions, DuPont has developed strong, lightweight, flame-resistant vehicle armor made with DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber.  Along with bullet-resistant glass, vehicle armor helps provide multi-hit protection and superior durability. 

Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection

With technologies like security labels, track-and-trace capabilities, layered programs, active-response planning and vigilant monitoring, DuPont anti-counterfeiting measures and solutions can protect against the most tech-savvy criminal. We also take an active role in all aspects of protection, including the use of brand protection technologies.

Identification Management and Security

To prevent fraudulent documents and identities, DuPont  looks beyond “now”—knowing that even the latest security measures could be breached. For critical applications (especially those dealing with identification) government authorities can turn to DuPont™ Izon®, a deep, 3-D, optically variable device created for security documents such as badges and passports, and covert “lock-and-key” authentication approaches.

Biosecurity and Infection Control

DuPont puts its wealth of knowledge and experience to the test by preparing for the worst-case scenario. Emergency disease preparedness is an important part in keeping people—especially workers in an enclosed environment—healthy and productive. DuPont™ Virkon® and RelyOn™ disinfectants kill bacteria and virus, helping to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens. 

Workplace/Worker Safety Consulting and Training

DuPont is a leader in workplace safety solutions. We understand that a safe workplace helps boost morale and productivity. Our customized solutions can help improve workplace safety, develop employee skills, and minimize risk. 200 years ago, our first plant was specifically constructed to minimize accidents and today, we are making zero our number-one goal and helping government agencies to do the same.

Business Sustainability Consulting and Training

The most successful businesses are those that strive to constantly improve. This is why DuPont offers operations consulting to help businesses achieve excellence. By sharing our advice and expertise, we can help develop employee and management skills, help integrate sustainable strategies across your entire agency, and help provide organizations with greater energy efficiency, asset productivity and capital effectiveness.

Emergency Response Consulting and Training

From firefighters to government agencies, more than 83,000 people in more than 860 cities in 20 countries have benefited from DuPont Emergency Response Training. Our core safety values are woven into every course, with a strong focus on helping keep responders safe and confident in a variety of situations.