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DuPont Building Science Collaborations


DuPont building science collaborations with national organizations are part of our ongoing commitment to developing innovative, sustainable construction practices and standards.

The DuPont™ Building Knowledge Center

Experts from the DuPont™ Building Knowledge Center are frequent presenters at key industry events, and work hand-in-hand with industry experts to explore new options and ways to promote smarter and more sustainable building and energy codes.

DuPont building science experts are helping lead the way to achieving compliance with increasingly stringent fire resistance requirements; improving water management and durability requirements; and improving energy codes and green/sustainability codes.

Industry Affiliations

DuPont building science collaborations include participation in the following industry organizations:

• National Association of Home Builders (NAHB): A trade association that helps promote national housing policies. DuPont is a member of the leading supplier council, working with other companies to develop practices for improving home energy efficiency, durability, and profitability.

Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA): An organization dedicated to providing information and education on sustainable building. DuPont is a participant for in-market and on-line training, and a conference sponsor. DuPont™ Building Knowledge Center Manager Laura Dwyer is a board member.

Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA): An industry information, training and certification organization. DuPont participates in industry programs, and ensures that all Tyvek® weather barriers are recognized as “ABAA Evaluated.”

Construction Specifications Institute (CSI): A national association focusing on advancing building information management and education of project teams to improve facilities management. DuPont helps develop industry programs on building science.

Building Enclosure Council (BEC): A joint initiative of the American Institute of Architects and the National Institute of Building Sciences. DuPont participates in local BEC events, providing building envelope systems expert knowledge to local design communities.

Hanley Award for Leadership in Sustainable Housing: An industry award created by Hanley Wood, a leading construction and design media and event company. DuPont is a sponsor.

Building America: A U.S. Department of Energy program dedicated to innovation in residential building energy performance, durability, quality affordability, and comfort. DuPont is a research reviewer, and provides industry perspective on adoption of products and installation methods.

• Building Science Summer Camp: An educational event for construction professionals conducted by The Building Science Corporation. DuPont provides expert presenters.

• Eco Home Vision 2020: An ongoing initiative by EcoHome magazine, dedicated to energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, and other sustainable building topics. DuPont is a sponsor. 

Event Participation

DuPont building science experts participate in a broad spectrum of industry events. Recent examples include:

  • American Association of Architects (AIA) National Convention
  •  Annual Convention, Texas Society of Architects/AIA (TSA)
  •  ASTM Meetings — Performance of Buildings (E06) & Sustainability (E60)
  •  National Institute of Building Science Conference
  •  PCBC Homebuilding Tradeshow
  •  National CSI Conference
  •  ICC Final Code Hearings
  •  Specialist Conference
  •  Greenbuild 2012
  •  Construct Canada
  •   2012 ASHRAE Annual Conference