Using Intelligent Marketing to Promote Intelligent Products

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Smart tactics for using name-brand materials to appeal to savvy homebuyers.  


High-quality construction materials: You’ve learned from earlier communications that the majority of homebuyers demand them, and they help mitigate liability and code concerns. Now it’s time to put this knowledge to good use: Leverage your high-quality, well-known construction products in your marketing to gain homebuyers’ attention and close more sales.

Homebuilders as the experts

Today’s millennial consumers — the number one cohort of homebuyers — heavily research products using expert online sources. This fact puts you in the enviable position of being an online influencer who is not a brand spokesperson. According to a 2014 Nielsen report on the role of content in the consumer decision-making process, consumers rely on “expert content” over “branded content” in each category studied — purchase consideration, affinity, and familiarity. Your marketing can resonate with millennials through:

  • mediums such as expert blogs featuring thought leaders; and
  • maintaining a strong social media or e-newsletter presence that positions your building company as one that uses the high-quality, energy-efficient products they demand.

Millennials will also trust brands and companies they feel are authentic, which can be achieved through consistent voice and tone.  

Because DuPontcreated the house wrap category and has been rated number one by builders for the last 18 years, it’s a brand builders you can rely on to help influence buyers. DuPont™ Tyvek®  products and accessories have the highest name recognition among consumers1, and are also known as a major contributor to more durable, energy-efficient homes.  DuPont Tyvek® has a solid performance record, and its products are made in the United States, which is another millennial requirement.  Research shows that 91 percent of millennials believe American manufacturers make products of equal or better quality than foreign competitors. In addition, 74 percent believe purchasing American-made products is important.

The best times to market your use of DuPontTyvek®

Studies show that a buyer’s entire journey is nearly complete before engaging a vendor. The beginning of the buying cycle is a crucial time. Since consumers are more dependent than ever on content, and therefore are savvier shoppers, it’s important to engage them when they’re seeking answers and researching.

Another critical time is further into the sale, suggests Forbes contributor Daniel Newman: “While expert content is always preferred, likely for its neutrality, as customers become closer to buying they tend to gravitate toward greater trust in a brand-delivered message.” This is the time to bring out the brand’s brochures and statistics, and focus on brand-selected attributes.

Finally, at the point of sale, “The influencers (experts) are far and away the most trusted,” Newman says. Even negative reviews will not deter the buyer. Consumers will listen to your advice on product choices. The choices you offer, like the company you keep, says something about your own business and affects how consumers perceive you.

More than any other house wrap brand, DuPont Tyvek® meets the needs and values of the evolving homebuyer. Let them know what’s behind your walls. Learn more about fully leveraging building materials in the home-marketing process by connecting with a Tyvek® Specialist. This expert insight can help you tap into the unique offering of products, knowledge, and services offered by DuPont.


1Source: According to Home Innovation Research Labs Consumer Omnibus Survey