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The DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialist Network is an elite team of highly trained field representatives. Our Canadian Tyvek® Specialists can assist Retailers, Builders, Architects, and Consumers with many aspects of both residential and commercial projects. Located across Canada, our Tyvek® Specialists cover the following territories:

British Columbia & Yukon
Matthew D’Andrea
Home Base: Vancouver, BC
Email: mdandrea@tyvekspecialist.ca
Phone: 604-346-9996

Alberta and Northwest Territories
Stephen Robson
Home Base: Calgary, AB
Email: srobson@tyvekspecialist.ca
Telephone: 403-618-2744

Brent Martian
Home Base: Saskatoon, SK
Email: bmartian@tyvekspecialist.ca
Telephone: 306-715-3554

Darryll Penner
Home Base: Winnipeg, MB
Email: dpenner@tyvekspecialist.ca
Telephone: 204-583-2793

South Western Ontario
Bruce Kelly
Home Base: London, ON
Email: bkelly@tyvekspecialist.ca
Phone: 519-857-8745

Central Ontario
Peter Pierroz
Home Base: Hamilton, ON
Email: ppierroz@tyvekspecialist.ca
Telephone: 647-899-0834

Eastern Ontario
Darrin Topping
Home Base: Renfrew, ON
Email: dtopping@tyvekspecialist.ca
Telephone: 613- 433-2233

Atlantic Canada
Brian Chisholm
Home Base : Nova Scotia
Email: bchisholm@tyvekspecialist.ca
Telephone: 902-209-4204

Maxime Cardinal
Home Base: Montreal, QC
Phone: 438-403-6277
Email: mcardinal@tyvekspecialist.ca



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