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A Collaborative Center for Building Science

The DuPont™ Building Knowledge Center provides consultation on proper installation techniques, wall system design, building codes, improving energy efficiency and more.

DuPont is working with construction professionals to apply innovative building science to the challenges of creating durable, comfortable, energy efficient homes and commercial structures.

The DuPontTM Building Knowledge Center is a resource for building envelope installation and design best practices. It’s a dedicated source for information about evolving building and energy codes, sustainable building practices and air, water and thermal management, that can help you:

  • Select building envelope materials and techniques.
  • Meet or exceed building standards and codes.
  • Enhance energy efficiency.
  • Manage HVAC costs.
  • Protect interior air quality.
  • Improve building durability.
  • Increase job site efficiency
  • Develop project-specific specifications and plans.



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