The Problem with Overdrive Fasteners

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The manufacturer of the ZIP System ® claims that overdriven fasteners aren’t a problem. However they appear to create a direct pathway for water to enter the wall system.

The following videos show tests of an overdriven fastener in the ZIP System ® and the same demonstration using DuPont™ Tyvek® Wrap Cap Staples. No industry-recognized test exists to test weatherization systems with overdriven fasteners. Therefore, DuPont selected the AATCC 127 Hydrostatic Pressure Test which measures the resistance of a fabric/material under a hydrostatic water column of 55 cm for 5 hours. No added pressure was applied. DuPont enhanced the test by adding a fastener centered within the column to test leakage at the fastener to simulate how water can leak through the fastener over time. DuPont believes that this test, as enhanced, fairly illustrates the likelihood of water penetration under real life conditions.

Tyvek®: No Issues Here

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After seeing how much water the overdriven fasteners allow to enter the ZIP Wall System, watch this demonstration to see what happens when Tyvek® Wrap Caps are put to the same test.