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Consulting Services & Process Technologies

Global Business Consulting Services and Process Technology Consulting

DuPont brings two centuries of real-world experience to client engagements, applying best practices we’ve developed in our own processes and manufacturing sites, as well as in providing integrated services and technology worldwide.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions:

Drawing on over 200 years of DuPont experience, our global business consulting and process technology experts possess a knowledge base of impressive breadth. To share this unique, hands-on expertise, we formed our DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) consulting and technology licensing practice. We offer our time-tested leadership in business and technology to clients seeking to become safer, more efficient and more environmentally sustainable.

Our global business experts customize DSS solutions for clients in a wide range of industries, from petroleum refining to transportation, manufacturing, mining, utilities, construction, aerospace, hospitality and beyond. DSS clients gain from our ever-expanding expertise, as well as from our own rich history of science-driven innovation, problem-solving success, and strong brands.

DSS offers customized solutions across numerous areas of excellence: workplace safety, employee training programs, environmental management, energy efficiency, process technology licensing, asset productivity, and capital effectiveness. We not only help clients develop strategies in these areas, but help implement these strategies and manage change to optimize results.

DuPont Clean Technologies:

DuPont Clean Technologies offers focused solutions based on real-world experience. The company has dedicated itself to improvements in the areas of clean air and clean fuel, and this has led the company to seek out like-minded industry partners and complementary technologies.

The DuPont Clean Technologies portfolio of process and service offerings help alleviate environmental challenges faced by production facilities today, to enable clients to better focus on their core business. Our portfolio currently includes STRATCO® Alkylation Technology, BELCO® Wet Scrubbing Processes, IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology, MECS® Sulfuric Acid & Environmental Technologies, including a comprehensive suite of aftermarket service and solutions offerings.

Our clean technologies solutions can help you transform your organization’s complex industrial processes to improve quality and profitability while meeting environmental regulations.