Products For Aerial Application -  Weed, Insect or Disease

Whether you need weed or insect control or disease management, DuPont has options that can be applied by air.

Acapela® Fungicide:  It Fits the WayYou Farm

Acapela® is a new and advanced strobilurin fungicide, delivering broad-spectrum disease control in cereals, corn, soybeans and pulse crops. Registered for aerial application,  Acapela® protects the crops that matter to your business from diseases that pose a serious threat.  In cereal crops, that includes leaf rust, powdery mildew, septoria leaf blotch and tan spot.  In pulse crops (peas, lentils, chickpeas and dry beans), Acapela® is an exceptional solution for control of mycosphaerella pinodes (peas), mycosphaerella blight and Asian soybean rust and for suppression of sclerotinia rot or white mould.

Assure® II Herbicide:  Dependable Grass Control in Pulse and Oilseed Crops

Assure® II offers exceptional control of foxtail barley, volunteer cereals, wild oats and green foxtail in a wide range of crops including canola, chickpeas, dry beans, field peas, lentils, soybeans, seed alfalfa, flax, sugar beets and camelina.  It can be applied at any stage of the crop, so time your application to the stage of the weeds. Assure® II has no re-cropping restrictions the following year.

Lannate® Toss-N-Go® Insecticide:  Rapid Control of a Wide Range of Pests

Lannate® Toss-N-Go® provides lightning fast control of insects such as bertha and common armyworm, thrips, alfalfa looper, beet webworm and clover cutworm in cereals, canola and flax. Effective at multiple stages of the life cycle and working through contact and/or ingestion, effects can be seen in minutes.


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