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Crop Protection Solutions and Agronomic Advice for your Business

Crop protection solutions for today.

The creation of crop protection solutions is a never-ending process of new ideas improving on old ones.

As a science-based company, DuPont believes that progress and success are based on collaboration. Through farm visits, field tours, focus groups and on many other occasions, we listen closely to the agronomic concerns expressed by western Canadian farmers. Then, we translate your concerns into new thinking, new strategies, new technology and sound agronomic advice you can use to grow your business.

Today’s growers want more. At DuPont, we’re doing more.

In recent years, you’ve been telling us about issues like weed resistance, disease protection and your desire for more effective product formulations. DuPont has responded by commercializing innovative chemistries through new crop protection solutions like DuPont™ Vertisan™,  and DuPont™ Acapela™ fungicides, and by bringing new ideas into circulation.

Click here to view our online version of this publication for cereal, pulse and oilseed growers. Let’s talk about your agronomic issues and our new products and ideas.  

We hope you’ll keep telling us what you need, so that we can keep working on tomorrow’s solutions.