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Divested Products

DuPont Crop Protection products listed below have been transferred to FMC.

For more information about these products, please visit their website at: http://fmccrop.ca/ 

or call 1-833-362-7722.

Label and SDS documents for the above products can be found in this Directory.

Ally® herbicide

Altacor® insecticide

Barricade® II herbicide

Barricade® M herbicide

Coragen® insecticide

Exirel™ insecticide

Express® FX herbicide

Express® Pro herbicide

Express® SG herbicide

Harmony® Grass 240 EC herbicide

Harmony® K 240 EC herbicide

Muster® herbicide

Pinnacle® SG herbicide

PrecisionPac® CS-100-2525 herbicide

PrecisionPac® DB-6654 herbicide

PrecisionPac® DB-8454 herbicide

PrecisionPac® DB-858 herbicide

PrecisionPac® GP herbicide

PrecisionPac® NC-00439 herbicide

PrecisionPac® NC-0050 herbicide

PrecisionPac® PP-23235 herbicide

PrecisionPac® PP-2525 herbicide

PrecisionPac® PP-3317 herbicide

Predicade™ herbicide

Refine® M herbicide

Refine® SG herbicide

Spartan® herbicide

Travallas™ Herbicide

Triton® K herbicide

UpBeet® herbicide

Verimark® insecticide

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.