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Save on High-performing Products with the FarmCare® Connect Grower Program

FarmCare® Connect Grower Program - Watch your payback grow, acre by acre.

The 2016 DuPont™ FarmCare® Connect Grower Program continues to be your agronomic partner that delivers real value with great products.

Here’s how it works

Purchase a minimum of $15,000 of selected DuPont Crop Protection products and/or selected Pioneer® brand or D-Series seed, between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016 and start saving. The more you buy; the bigger your savings.

Accent® Ally®
Assure® II Barricade® II Battalion®
Coragen® Curzate® Express® FX
Express® PRO Express® SG Harmony® brand herbicides
Lumiderm™ Muster® Pinnacle® SG
Prism® SG Refine® M Refine® SG
Tanos® Titus™ PRO Travallas™ 
Triton® C Triton® K Ultim®
Verimark™ Vertisan®  

PrecisionPac® herbicides (DB-858, DB-1254, DB-6654, DB-8454, DB-10550, NC-0050, NC-00439, PP-23235, PP-2525, PP-31155, PP-3317, Refine® SG and Triton® C)

For a complete list of qualifying Pioneer® canola, soybean, corn or D-Series hybrids view our
Terms and Conditions

Step 1: Determine your Base Program Rebate

FarmCare® Connect Base Program

Step 2: Apply your Rebate percentage

FarmCare® Connect Cereal Bonus

Step 3: Add in your Cereal and/or One Pass Rebates

FarmCare® Connect Cereal and One Pass Bonus

STEP 1:  Determine Your Base Program Rebate

Determine your rebate level based on purchases of DuPont Crop Protection Products and Pioneer® brand seed to maximize your rebate percentage.




STEP 2:  Apply Your Rebate Percentage

You will receive rebates on the following eligible products:

DuPont™ Accent®, Barricade® II, Battalion®, Coragen®, Express® FX, Express® PRO, Express® SG, Pinnacle® SG, PrecisionPac® herbicides (DB-858, DB-6654, DB-8454, NC-0050, NC-00439, PP-23235, PP-2525, PP-31155, PP-3317, Refine® SG, Triton® C, GP-100 and GP-75), Predicade™, Refine® M, Refine® SG, Travallas™, Triton® C, Triton® K, Titus™ PRO, Ultim®.


STEP 3:  Add in Your Cereal AND/OR One Pass Rebates

Cereal Bonus: Purchase a minimum of 300 acres from the cereal segment listed to the left and a minimum of 300 acres from the other crop protection segments beloq to receive an additional rebate.

One Pass Booster: Purchase a minimum of 300 acres of PredicadeTM or 300 acres of GP-100 herbicide plus a DuPont broadleaf herbicide to save even more.

Add up your acres purchased from the non-crop, fungicide and insecticide, Assure® II and seed treatment segments. Match those total acres to your cereal acres to maximize your bonus. 

Remember, there’s no need to sign up for FarmCare® Connect Grower Program in 2016. Once you reach your minimum purchases of D-Series canola hybrids, Pioneer® brand seed or selected DuPont Crop Protection products, you’re in.

Use this link to view the full Terms and Conditions.

Questions about the FarmCare® Connect Grower Program?

Contact your local DuPont Crop Protection sales professional, Pioneer Hi-Bred sales representative, participating retailer or call FarmCare® Connect Support Centre 1-800-667-3925.

Terms and Conditions apply.

As with all DuPont crop protection products, read and follow label instructions carefully.

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