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Tools Like Coragen® and Altacor® Solving Major Pest Issues

The world needs innovative plant protection solutions in order to keep up with growing demands for feed, food, fuel and fibre. DuPont has a rich pipeline of new and innovative products that will help Canadian farmers meet this demand.

Consumers require a safe, stable food supply that is also environmentally friendly. Farmers want this plus they need more yield and higher quality on less land in order to feed more people.

Advanced technology is required to meet all these needs. Collaboration between industry, customers, government and public sectors brings new innovation forward. DuPont is a leader in developing answers to meet customer needs.

Broadly based new product lineup

DuPont has a pipeline full of recently registered products and ones that are expected to be registered over the next three to five years. In 2007, DuPont received three prestigious Agrow Awards in recognition of its innovative and industry-leading agricultural product pipeline and technologies.

New weed control for roadside safety and vegetation management

A new active ingredient has been submitted for registration in the range and pasture and industrial vegetation management sectors based on the new active ingredient, aminocyclopyrachlor*. This new active has broad-spectrum weed control including hard-to-control brush and invasive weed species. It restores natural plant life and has a favourable environmental profile. It has low use rates and is safe on desired grasses.

Insect control

A few years ago, DuPont introduced Coragen® and Altacor®, two new insecticides with the active ingredient Rynaxypyr®. This new active ingredient came from a completely new group of chemistry, Group 28 – the diamides. They provide superior crop protection, a novel mode of action and a low environmental impact.

Insect control products with the new active ingredient Cyazypyr™* have been submitted for registration:

-    New technology for insect control in potatoes, canola, apples, stone fruit and bushberries.
-    Second-generation anthranilic diamide insecticide
-    Cross-spectrum insect control of chewing and sucking pests
-    Valuable resistance management tool
-    Consistently superior insect control

Disease control

You will also see three important new fungicide offerings from DuPont. These are fungicides that are very effective and answer specific disease issues faced by Canadian growers.

Having received registration in late 2011, DuPont™ Vertisan™ and Fontelis® fungicides will bring greater preventative and best-in-class post-infection activity compared to other fungicides on the market today. Vertisan™ has been registered for disease control in many crops including canola, sunflowers, pulse crops and potatoes. Fontelis™ has been registered for disease control in many crops such as apples, blueberries, stone fruits and several vegetables.

Both Vertisan™ and Fontelis™ offer:

-    Excellent plant protection
-    A new active ingredient, penthiopyrad (Group 7)
-    Strong preventative, residual and post-infection activity
-    Translaminar and locally systemic movement within treated tissues
-    Valuable resistance management  
-    Next generation complex II mode of action

Acapela™ fungicide - new technology for leaf disease control in cereals, corn, soybeans, pulse crops and canola:

-    Excellent plant protection
-    Contains the new active ingredient picoxystrobin
-    Group 11, strobilurin fungicide
-    Strong preventative, residual and post-infection activity
-    Unique movement properties: 3-way action protects new growth
-    Translaminar and locally systemic movement within treated tissue

Helping improve agriculture’s productivity and sustainability

DuPont has a long history and strong commitment to agriculture. A growing population, the need for productivity improvement and constant changes in Mother Nature demand new technology. Our pipeline is providing new answers to grower and societal needs. Crop Protection is a strong and strategic component of our DuPont Agriculture business.

The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels for complete details and directions for use.