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DuPont Crop Solutions Product Guide for 2014

DuPont Crop Solutions Product Guide

Our Crop Solutions Product Guide for 2014 is all about products and ideas to help growers maximize the yield and quality potential of their crops.

We have many solutions to protect your crops from weeds, insects and disease, so you can make every acre count, from seeding to harvest.

In recent years, as the needs of growers have changed, we at DuPont have worked to evolve our product offering and our approach to customer service.

In 2012, we brought growers new fungicides, Vertisan™, Fontelis™ and Acapela™, that performed impressively. They provided growers with powerful disease control for many high-value crops. We look forward to telling you about even better results after the 2014 growing season.

Looking to the future, our R&D pipeline is well-stocked with innovative chemistries and technologies that will become the products and practices of tomorrow.

We will be launching three new insect control products, based on the active ingredient DuPont™ Cyazypyr™, to reduce the stress caused by insects and improve crop health and yield.

In addition to innovative crop solutions, DuPont is also investing in our team of agronomic professionals to serve you even better.

As the world seeks new ways to supply food and fuel for a growing planet, Canadian farmers see tremendous opportunity as well as significant challenges.

DuPont is ready to help the industry capture the opportunities and meet the challenges, through innovative technology, customized solutions and in-field agronomic advice.

Please take a moment and download your copy of our Crop Solutions Product Guide for 2014. 

Eastern Product Guide 2014   and   Western Product Guide 2014

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