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Cereals Protection

Cereal Crop Solutions From DuPont

DuPont offers a wide range of high-quality crop protection products to help you produce healthy, high-yielding and profitable cereal crops. Our herbicides and fungicides are reliable, field-proven solutions for the control of weeds and diseases.

Canada is known for the quality and abundance of its cereal crops.  What the world doesn’t always see is the skill and dedication it takes to grow wheat, barley and oats in a challenging Canadian environment.

That’s where DuPont comes in – providing you with products you can count on year after year. Our hard-working in-crop herbicide lines: Barricade®, Refine®, Harmony®, Triton® brands bring you a full range of weed control options and our PrecisionPac® herbicides can be fully customized to meet your needs precisely.  Through farm visits, field tours, focus groups and more, we listened closely to your agronomic concerns which led to us bringing you two new cereal products like DuPont™ Acapela® fungicide, giving you power to protect your cereal crops from disease more effectively than ever before and DuPont™ Coragen® insecticide a trusted choice for your first spray of the season to control grasshoppers, armyworms and cutworms in your cereal crops. 
Just as important as the reliability of our products is the way we do business. DuPont places the highest value on good customer service and having knowledgeable people in the field to offer you support and advice.

We’re also looking to the future in terms of innovation, with global collaboration today yielding big ideas for the crop protection of tomorrow.

We invite you to spend some time learning more about the DuPont lineup of cereal crop protection products.


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