Acapela® Fungicide: Like Music to Your Cereal Crops

Acapela™ - Disease protection tool for your cereal crops.

DuPont™ Acapela® fungicide provides a potent combination of performance and flexibility, giving growers a versatile tool to manage their cereal crops for maximum health, yield and profit.

As an advanced strobilurin fungicide, Acapela® moves across, into and around the leaf to deliver strong preventative, residual and post-infection activity. With best-in-class movement properties, Acapela® protects both existing leaf tissue and new growth. For growers, that means reliable broad-spectrum protection against key diseases under a variety of field conditions.

Acapela® controls leaf rust (in wheat, rye and triticale), septoria leaf blotch (wheat, barley, rye and triticale), powdery mildew (wheat, barley, rye, oats and triticale) and tan spot (wheat).

Applications of Acapela® at a rate of 0.18L/acre to 0.35L/acre should begin before disease development and continue on a 7-day to 14-day interval. Under heavy disease pressure, use the higher rate and apply at a shorter interval.  Acapela® is best applied at the T2 or flag leaf stage.

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