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Taking Customization Further with PrecisionPac® Herbicides

DuPont™ PrecisionPac® herbicides are customized herbicides that precisely suit the crop you’re growing, the weed spectrum you have and the exact size of the field to be sprayed. Part of the customization of PrecisionPac® herbicides lies in the way these herbicides can be partnered with other herbicides to suit unique weed situations. The following products are designed for use with PrecisionPac® herbicides.

Harmony® Grass

Designed specifically to add wild oat and green foxtail control to most PrecisionPac® in-crop broadleaf blends, Harmony® Grass 240 EC herbicide has the surfactant built-in and comes in 160-acre totes. It can be used on all varieties of spring wheat and durum wheat.

Perimeter™ Mega

This Group 4 herbicide can be tank-mixed with several PrecisionPac® herbicides to help manage weed resistance and improve control of cleavers and several other broadleaf weeds. It can be used on spring wheat, durum wheat and barley.


The only wheat herbicide that gives you Flush after flush™ control of green foxtail and wild oats, as well as control of troublesome broadleaf weeds like redroot pigweed, stinkweed and volunteer canola (excluding Clearfield® varieties). It can be tank-mixed with several of the PrecisionPac® blends.


By adding Pre-Pare™ burndown to glyphosate, you get a longer lasting burndown to give your spring wheat the head start it needs. It can be applied either pre-plant (within 7 days of seeding) or prior to crop emergence.

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