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Broadleaf Weed Control in Malt Barley

There are many different end uses for malt barley, including the production of beer and other distilled beverages. End-use customers for malt barley have very strict parameters that dictate which herbicide products are allowed on the crop.

DuPont™ Triton® C herbicide is now registered for all barley varieties, giving growers wide-spectrum broadleaf weed control to help them produce high-quality feed barley or earn premiums for higher-value malt barley.

Triton® C meets the guidelines laid out by the Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency, making it an approved product for malt barley growers.

Growers can be confident in their weed control with Triton® C. The weed control growers get from Triton® C will help them achieve the crop quality demanded by the malt barley processing industry.

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