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Barricade® II Delivers Powerful Control of Today’s Problem

Barricade® II – Right for how you farm today


What’s the best broadleaf herbicide in Western Canada for cereal crops? It’s a category with many long-standing competitors, but in recent years, a new product has earned a respected place in the market. That’s DuPont™ Barricade® II herbicide.

“When we introduced the original Barricade® in 2010, growers quickly liked what it could do and how it could help their businesses,” says Kirk Dammann, Cereal Segment Manager with DuPont Crop Protection. “Today, Barricade® II is a favorite product of many growers and is already one of the leading cereal broadleaf products on the Prairies.”

Dammann has talked to many growers about what they need in a broadleaf herbicide, and how Barricade® II delivers. In his view, the case for Barricade® II comes down to three key factors.

1. Exceptional control of an evolving weed spectrum

Go back 10 or 20 years and look at which broadleaf weeds were most on the minds of cereal growers. You’ll see some familiar names to be sure, alongside formerly minor weeds that are now serious issues for growers.

“The trend to reduced tillage is a big part of the story,” says Dammann. “On my family farm in southeastern Saskatchewan, 2012 was the first year we’d ever had narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard and we’re certainly not alone. Growers in many areas are now concerned about this weed and in cereals, Barricade® II is one of the best choices for narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard control. We used Barricade® II on our farm, and it cleaned up the narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard exceptionally well.”

Barricade® II also delivers consistent, powerful control of many other broadleaf weeds, including: cleavers, kochia, night-flowering catchfly, flixweed, lamb’s-quarters, cow cockle, volunteer canola (other than Clearfield®), wild buckwheat and wild mustard. As Dammann explains, the product is best applied from the 2-leaf up to the flag-leaf stage of the crop’s growth.

2. Today’s smart choice for preventing weed resistance

At one time, a key recommendation for preventing weed resistance was to sequentially rotate herbicides with different modes of action. Since then, the science associated with preventing resistance has come a long way. Today’s best practice is to combine products with different modes of action in the same application. Barricade® II fits perfectly with this thinking.

“Barricade® II delivers three modes of action from two different herbicide groups – Group 2 and Group 4,” says Dammann. “So a straight-up application of Barricade® II gives you the mode-of-action diversity you’re looking for. But if you combine Barricade® II with one of its many grassy weed tank-mix partners, you’re really going the extra mile on preventing weed resistance. Barricade® II also has outstanding recropping flexibility.”

3. An effective, time-saving formulation

Barricade® II is powered by DuPont™ Solumax® soluble granules, combining the convenience of a dry herbicide with the effectiveness of a liquid product. Older dry flowable herbicides can separate in the spray tank, but thanks to Solumax® technology, Barricade® II completely dissolves into a clear solution. For growers, that means sharper, more consistent weed control, easier sprayer cleanout and thus, lower risk to subsequently sprayed sensitive crops like canola, peas and lentils.

As Dammann sees it, this all adds up to a product that suits how today’s cereal growers want their weed control to perform.

“There’s every sign that 2013 will be a very positive year for cereal production in Western Canada,” he says. “Having the right herbicide can help capture that opportunity. With its powerful control of the weeds that matter, its multiple modes of action and its ease of mixing and cleanout, we believe growers will continue to make Barricade® II their first choice for broadleaf weed control.” 

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