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Triton® Brand Herbicides

When Really Tough Broadleaf Weed Problems Crop up, Call in a Specialist

DuPont™ Triton® brand herbicides are relentless against the weeds that cost you the most.  No matter what your weed spectrum, there’s a Triton® herbicide that fits your farm.

Triton® C has a unique, broad spectrum of weed control. It not only controls cleavers, but growing weed threats like round-leaved mallow, stork’s-bill, sow-thistle and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, plus 20 additional weeds. With three actives from two different groups, Triton® C can help manage resistance of cleavers without compromising your wild oat control.

Triton® K  specializes in Group 2-resistant kochia control along with all the worst weeds in the brown soil zones, like flixweed, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, cow cockle and Russian thistle. With two different herbicide groups, it’s also a great tool for resistance management and offers flexible re-cropping options.

Malt Barley Broadleaf Weed Control

Good weed control is an important element in growing high quality malt barley. DuPont™ Triton® C is now registered for use in malt barley to control a unique spectrum of weeds including cleavers, round-leaved mallow, hemp-nettle and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard.


  • Kochia

    Kochia Weed Control Strategies

  • Herbicides with Multiple Actives

    Weed resistance can threaten the long-term viability of any herbicide option. It’s important for growers to protect these tools. Research from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada shows that using herbicides with multiple groups in a single spray is one of the best ways to manage weed resistance.


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