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Triton® C Herbicide

When Cereal Growers Face a Tough Lineup of Tricky Weeds, They Count on Triton® C for Outstanding Control

DuPont™ Triton® C herbicide controls a unique spectrum of broadleaf weeds including cleavers, stork’s-bill, annual sow-thistle, round-leaved mallow and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard.

Triton® C is registered for use in spring wheat, durum, feed barley and malt barley. With active ingredients from Groups 2 and 4, it also helps manage resistance.

Triton® C can also be tank-mixed to address unique weed challenges.Tank-mix options include DuPont™ Harmony® Grass, Axial®, Everest® and more.


Axial® is a registered trademark of Syngenta Company. Everest(R) is a registered trademark of Arysta LifeScience North America LLC.

Herbicides with Multiple Actives

Weed resistance can threaten the long-term viability of any herbicide option. It’s important for growers to protect these tools. Research from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada shows that using herbicides with multiple groups in a single spray is one of the best ways to manage weed resistance.


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