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Harmony® Brand Herbicides

Your One Pass Answer to Wild Oat Control

Each year, spring and durum wheat growers typically face a double threat to their yields and profits: wild oats and broadleaf weeds. DuPont offers growers three great choices for convenient, one-pass treatment of tough weed control challenges.

Predicade™ is the newest addition to the DuPont family for growers that want the high performance they need in the convenience they deserve.  Predicade™ contains the premium Group 2 grass herbicide, thiencarbazone, and four other active ingredients for broadleaf control. Combined, Predicade™ targets more than 30 of the toughest grass and broadleaf weeds in Western Canada.

Harmony® K is the answer for proven control of troublesome weeds in the brown soil zones, like Group 2-resistant kochia, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, wild buckwheat, flixweed and Russian thistle. With Group 1 grass herbicide included, Harmony® K is an affordable option for wild oat, green foxtail and 21 broadleaf weeds with no re-cropping restrictions the following year.

Finally, if you want to truly customize your weed control, consider PrecisionPac® herbicides.  With the launch of GP Herbicide, a powerful Group 2 grass herbicide dispensed through PrecisionPac® machines, growers now have the ability to get a completely customized one-pass herbicide solution for their spring and durum wheat when paired with a PrecisionPac® broadleaf blend.



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