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Harmony® Brand Herbicides

Your One Pass Answer to Wild Oat Control

Each year, spring and durum wheat growers typically face a double threat to their yields and profits: wild oats and broadleaf weeds.  DuPont™ Harmony® brand herbicides offer a convenient, one-pass treatment for your weed control challenges.

No matter which broadleaf weeds give you trouble, there’s a Harmony® herbicide to match your needs.  Each one contains one of the most popular wild oat and green foxtail herbicides on the market in an exclusive formulation with the surfactant built in.  That means fewer jugs to rinse and return.     

Harmony® MAX is the newest addition to the Harmony® family.  If you want consistently powerful control of both cleavers and kochia (including Group 2-resistant biotypes), Harmony® MAX is exactly what you need.  

Harmony® K is the answer for proven control of troublesome weeds in the brown soil zones, like Group 2-resistant kochia, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, wild buckwheat, flixweed and Russian thistle.

With a long track record of proven performance, Harmony® SG gives you a broad spectrum of weeds plus a wide window of application, one hour rainfastness and complete recropping flexibility the following year. 

To add wild oat control to any PrecisionPac® herbicide, ask for Harmony® Grass. Available exclusively from PrecisionPac® herbicide retailers.


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