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Harmony® SG Herbicide

Controls Wild Oats, Green Foxtail and 21 Broadleaf Weeds in One Pass

Powered by Solumax® soluble granules, DuPont™ Harmony® SG herbicide provides dependable broad-spectrum weed control, with convenient handling.

Harmony® SG controls wild oats (1 to 6 leaf, before 4 tillers), green foxtail and 21 broadleaf weeds in one pass in spring wheat and durum wheat.

Broadleaf weeds controlled by Harmony® SG include: ball mustard, chickweed (1–6 leaf), common groundsel, corn spurry, cow cockle, flixweed, green smartweed, hemp-nettle, kochia (with early application), lady’s-thumb, lamb’s-quarters, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, redroot pigweed, Russian thistle, shepherd’s-purse, stinkweed, tartary buckwheat, volunteer canola (excluding Clearfield® canola), volunteer sunflower, wild buckwheat (1–5 leaf) and wild mustard.

You will also get suppression of Canada thistle (≤15 cm, before budding), cleavers(1–3 whorl), round-leaved mallow (2–6 leaf), scentless chamomile, sow-thistle (≤15 cm, before budding), stork’s-bill (2–6 leaf) and toadflax (≤15 cm in height).

Harmony® SG has an exclusive grass herbicide with built-in surfactant, so there are only two (2) jugs per case instead of four (4) for easier handling. One case treats 40 acres. There are no soil residue or re-cropping restrictions.


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