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Save time and money with DuPont™ PrecisionPac® herbicides by customizing your weed control for each field and buy only the amount you need.

PrecisionPac® Herbicides

Customized Weed Control with DuPont™ PrecisionPac® Herbicides

Every farm is unique. Every field is different. Buy exactly the amount you need and choose from 12 different high-performing herbicide blends that match your agronomic needs.

Thanks to a revolutionary new dispensing system, your crop protection retailer can help you choose the PrecisionPac® herbicide that matches your agronomic needs, and then give you exactly the right amount for your field size or sprayer tank.

No more leftover herbicide, no more measuring or guesswork.  DuPont™ PrecisionPac® herbicides can save time and money while enhancing your weed control.  

The customized weed control of PrecisionPac® herbicides will give you:

  • High-performing weed control – targeted to the weed spectrum in the field
  • Ease of use – all in one pouch, labeled for the specific field
  • Reduced waste – the right sized container, using small pouches
  • Variable length of herbicide activity – short residual or extended control
  • Specific use patterns – for in-crop, pre-seed, chem-fallow, or post-harvest
  • Resistance management – multiple modes of action
  • Custom package size – purchase exactly the amount you need
  • Environmental Stewardship – right product, right rate, right acre

PrecisionPac® for soybeans. DuPont is now testing the technology behind PrecisionPac® herbicides in the soybean market.

Click here to view our PrecisionPac® Agronomic Guide


  • Video: A New Approach to Herbicides

    How can you get completely customized weed control in a few short minutes? This introductory video shows how the innovative new DuPont™ PrecisionPac® herbicide delivery system offers an unprecedented level of customization. It dispenses active ingredients in various ratios to meet your agronomic needs and creates a precise package size specifically designed for your sprayer or field size.

  • Video: PrecisionPac® Retailer

    Hear what ag retailers have to say about the innovative DuPont™ PrecisionPac® herbicide delivery system that offers an unprecedented level of customization for growers.


  • PrecisionPac® Black Dark Brown Soils

    For post-emergence weed control that’s specifically designed to tackle the most difficult weeds in the black, grey-wooded and dark-brown soil zones, you can choose from five different PrecisionPac® herbicides.

  • PrecisionPac® Brown Dark Brown Soils

    Tough weeds in the brown and dark brown soil zones require powerful herbicide solutions. There are five dicamba blend PrecisionPac® herbicides that can be customized to meet your needs.

  • PrecisionPac® for Out-of-Crop

    Three out-of-crop PrecisionPac® herbicides – NC-0050, NC-00439 and DB-858 – can help boost the performance of glyphosate in chem-fallow, pre-seed burn-off or a post-harvest burndown to control some of your toughest broadleaf weeds.

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