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PrecisionPac® CS-100-2525 Herbicide

PrecisionPac® CS-100-2525 Herbicide: One-Pass Grass and Broadleaf Control

Tailor-made, one-pass weed control for spring and durum wheat is now available.

PrecisionPac® CS-100-2525 delivers outstanding control of your toughest broadleaf and grassy weeds, including Group 1-resistant wild oats, Japanese brome, dandelion and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard.

PrecisionPac® CS-100-2525 is a new blend which combines our GP Group 2 graminicide and PrecisionPac® PP-2525 for outstanding one-pass grass and broadleaf control.

Dispensed in easy-to-handle, premeasured pouches for your exact weed spectrum and sprayer size, you buy only the amount you need.  That means customized, top-performing weed control, great value and no leftovers to store!