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PrecisionPac® DB-858 Herbicide

A Dicamba Blend for the Brown and Dark Brown Soil Zones

DuPont™ PrecisionPac® DB-858 herbicide is a dicamba blend for the brown and dark brown soil zones and is specifically designed for either chem-fallow applications or in-crop use in spring wheat, durum, winter wheat or barley

Tank-mixed with 2,4-D Ester, PrecisionPac® DB-858 delivers cost-effective control of a broad spectrum of weeds including Group 2-resistant kochia, flixweed and stinkweed.

You’ll also get all the broadleaf weeds controlled or suppressed by 2,4-D Ester at the 420 g ae/ha rate with the tank-mix.  This includes troublesome weeds like Russian thistle and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard.

PrecisionPac® DB-858 herbicide contains active ingredients from Groups 2 and 4, making it excellent for resistance management. Any crop can be seeded the year following the application of PrecisionPac® DB-858 herbicide. PrecisionPac® DB-858 and 2,4-D Ester can also be tank-mixed with any glyphosate product.


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