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PrecisionPac® GP Herbicide

GP Herbicide: Powerful Grass Control, Customized for Your Farm

DuPont GP Herbicide delivers fully customized, powerful grass control in durum and spring wheat, with the time-saving convenience of PrecisionPac®.

GP Herbicide is a Group 2 graminicide that provides powerful grass control in spring and durum wheat, including Group 1-resistant wild oats.

For a completely customized herbicide solution, mix with a PrecisionPac® broadleaf blend for enhanced broadleaf control.

Because GP Herbicide is part of the PrecisionPac® lineup, you get exactly the amount of product you need, customized for your target weeds, farm, individual field or sprayer tank size. There’s no leftover product to store and no empty jugs and boxes to dispose of. That’s convenience.

Grassy Weeds Controlled by the Full Spectrum Rate

  • Barnyard grass (1-5 leaf)
  • Downy brome1 (2-6 leaf, 4 tiller)
  • Green foxtail1 (1-5 leaf)
  • Japanese brome (1-6 leaf)
  • Wild oats (up to 4 leaf, 2 tiller)
  • Yellow foxtail (1-5 leaf)

Broadleaf Weeds Controlled by the Full Spectrum Rate

  • Canada thistle1 (up to 30 cm tall, pre-bud)
  • Cleavers (up to 6 whorl)
  • Common chickweed (up to 10 cm)
  • Corn spurry (up to 2 whorl, <10 cm height)
  • Cow cockle
  • Dandelion1 (seedlings and overwintered rosettes less than or equal to 20 cm)
  • Flixweed (up to 10 cm)
  • Hemp nettle (1-8 leaf)
  • Red-root pigweed (1-8 leaf)
  • Round-leaved mallow (up to 6 leaf, <10 cm)
  • Russian thistle1 (up to 10 cm tall)
  • Shepherd’s purse (up to 30 cm tall)
  • Smartweed (lady’s thumb) (1-5 leaf)
  • Stinkweed (up to 30 cm tall)
  • Volunteer canola (excluding Imidazolinone-tolerant) (1-6 leaf)
  • Wild buckwheat1 (1-4 leaf)

Product and Application Information

Product: Pyroxsulam 21.5% WG
Crops: Spring and durum wheat (3-leaf stage to before the flag leaf stage)

  • Full Spectrum Rate for controlling a wide range of grassy and broadleaf weeds
  • Wild Oat Rate for controlling low populations of wild oat infestations

Available tank-mixes: GP herbicide can be tank-mixed with PrecisionPac® herbicides PP-23235, PP-2525 and PP-3317.
Surfactant: Non-Ionic surfactant needed (0.25% v/v)
Water volume: 5 – 10 gal/ac
Rainfast: 2 hours
Application Staging:

  • Grass weeds – up to 4-leaf, 2-tiller stage2
  • Broadleaf weeds2

10 months – sunflower, potato
11 months – barley, brown mustard, canola, dry bean, flax, canola-quality Brassica juncea, lentils, oats, field peas, chickpea, spring wheat, soybean, yellow mustard, summer fallow.

1 Suppression
2 See product label for specific weed staging


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