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PrecisionPac® NC-0050 Herbicide

PrecisionPac® NC-0050 Gives Glyphosate a Boost in Pre-seed, Chem-fallow and Post-harvest Applications

Adding DuPont™ PrecisionPac® NC-0050 herbicide (also sold as Express® SG) to glyphosate delivers results you just can’t get by using more glyphosate.

Get to the root of your toughest weed problems:

The powerful systemic activity of PrecisionPac® NC-0050 goes straight to work on your toughest weed control challenges, such as hard-to-kill weeds like dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, flixweed, stinkweed and wild buckwheat. It also controls volunteer canola, including Roundup Ready® but excluding Clearfield® varieties.

Maximum re-cropping flexibility:

PrecisionPac® NC-0050 leaves you with the flexibility to seed a wide variety of crops 24 hours after application.

Powered by Solumax®:

PrecisionPac® NC-0050 is powered by Solumax® soluble granules, giving you all the convenience and benefits of a dry herbicide that works like a liquid.


Roundup Ready® is a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC. Clearfield® is a registered trademark of BASF.

Video: A New Approach to Herbicides

How can you get completely customized weed control in a few short minutes? This introductory video shows how the innovative new DuPont™ PrecisionPac® herbicide delivery system offers an unprecedented level of customization. It dispenses active ingredients in various ratios to meet your agronomic needs and creates a precise package size specifically designed for your sprayer or field size.

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