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Growers Appreciate Convenient Packaging

PrecisionPac ® herbicides provide the ultimate in convenience.

When you farm 9,000 acres, and crop protection comes in 40-acre cases, the management of spray season can take a lot of time.

For Stacy Harty and his brother Shaune, who farm at Etzikom, Alberta, this job now takes considerably less time than it used to. The Hartys traded several pallets’ worth of jugs for the customized convenience of DuPont™ PrecisionPac® herbicides.

PrecisionPac® herbicides provide high-performing weed control that’s specifically targeted to the weed spectrum in the grower’s field. Each package contains the exact amount of herbicide needed -- all in one pouch and labeled for the specific field being treated. There’s less waste to deal with and less time spent managing empty packaging.

Before they discovered PrecisionPac®, the brothers used to purchase three pallets’ worth of DuPont™ Harmony® K 240 EC herbicide. They bought a 16-ft. horse trailer and would take it out in the field when spraying their wheat crop.

“There were four different sized jugs per case that we would have to mix in the field,” says Stacy Harty, “and at the end of the season, we’d have a 16-ft. horse trailer full of containers and packaging to take for recycling.”

With the DuPont™ PrecisionPac® system, Harty can order the precise blend of herbicide he needs in a concentrated, dry flowable formulation. In the field, they have a 5,300-gallon water tank, mounted on a trailer.  On the rear deck of the trailer is a Chem Handler where they mix the packet of herbicide with water and then pump into the sprayer tank.

“It is just such a convenient system,” says Harty. “What used to come by the pallet, now is in a few small packages. And I can order it as I need it. With GPS and autosteer I have a pretty good handle on field size and how chemical is applied. But if I happen to be 20 acres short of product, I can just buy enough for 20 acres and I don’t have to buy a 40-acre case and have half of it left over.

“Convenience when you’re spraying is a huge factor,” he says. “When conditions are right and we have everything in place, one person can spray 1,000 acres a day. We don’t need a whole family of people to help in the field. One of us can be spraying, and the other person can be doing something else."

Harty’s retailer, Lorne Buis of W. Buis Holdings Ltd. in nearby Foremost, likes being able to save his customers time and make their spraying operations more efficient. For that, PrecisionPac® herbicides fit the bill.

“With conventional packaging in 40-acre cases, if a guy was filling up his sprayer he would need four or five cases, which means he’d have about 15 empty jugs each time,” says Buis. “With PrecisionPac® you have a jug of surfactant and one pouch of dry product and you are ready to go.”



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