Acapela® Fungicide Approved For Three Potent Plant Diseases

DuPont announced that the PMRA has approved label additions allowing the use of DuPont™ Acapela® fungicide for the control of stripe rust in cereals, net blotch in barley and anthracnose in lentils.

Saskatoon, SK, May 29, 2014 – Prairie growers now have a powerful new option against three potent disease threats.

DuPont Crop Protection today announced that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency has approved the addition of stripe rust, net blotch and anthracnose to the list of diseases controlled by DuPont™ Acapela® fungicide. Acapela® is now registered for control of stripe rust in wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale, for control of net blotch in barley and for control of anthracnose in lentils.

Todd Friday, Saskatoon-based Market Segment Manager with DuPont, says that this label extension will add significantly to cereal and lentil growers’ disease management toolbox.

“The use of Acapela®, a key element of an integrated approach to disease management, can reduce the risk of major losses in your cereal, pulse and oilseed crops,” says Friday. “Along with these additions, we have a number of active research projects in 2014 to help broaden the Acapela® label and provide maximum benefit to our customers.”

Acapela®, a Group 11 fungicide, contains the active ingredient picoxystrobin. This active ingredient moves across, into and around the leaf to deliver strong preventative, residual and post-infection activity, chasing down disease and protecting against new infection.

Acapela® was first registered in 2012 for control of key leaf diseases in pulses, cereals, corn and soybeans. Canola was added to the label in December 2013. Growers have embraced the product as a welcome alternative to older Strobiluron products on the market, and seen how the superior control of Acapela® results in greener, healthier crops and higher yields.

Says Friday: “It’s not just the effectiveness of Acapela® that growers like, but its versatility too. It’s a product that’s made for the extremely busy, real world of farming, and gives growers reliable disease protection with flexibility. In an unpredictable growing season, it’s good to have Acapela® in your corner.”

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