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Barricade® Registered for Flixweed & Narrow-Leaved Hawk’s-Beard

Registration comes just in time as back-to-back cold and wet springs could make weed control even tougher in cereals.

Mississauga, Ontario – May 10, 2011 –DuPont™ Barricade® herbicide set a new standard for control of cleavers and kochia when it was launched in 2010. Now flixweed and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard (NLHB) have been added to the Barricade® label, giving cereal growers in Western Canada an excellent way to manage these tough weeds and even more reasons to use Barricade®.

“Flixweed and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard are growing problems in Western Canada, partly due to the trend to reduced tillage,” says Jon Gough, product manager for DuPont.

A combination of wet conditions in 2010 and a late spring in 2011 across much of the Prairies could mean growers will face even tougher weed pressure in cereals. Now they can use Barricade® to control flixweed and NLHB in addition to weeds like cleavers and kochia, including resistant biotypes.

Doing a pre-seed burn-off with DuPont™ Express® SG or Express® PRO is an important step in a weed control program, according to Gough. However, if the weather stays cold and wet, some growers may choose to seed without a burn-off leading to larger weeds and heavier pressure in crop.

“We expect to see increased weed pressure in 2011,” says Gough. “With the cold and wet spring, some growers will rely more heavily on their in-crop herbicide application, which makes it even more important to choose the best herbicide.”

In addition to cleavers, flixweed, kochia and NLHB, Barricade® provides exceptional control of other key broadleaf weeds in cereals such as hemp-nettle, cow cockle, stinkweed, volunteer canola and wild buckwheat. It offers consistently powerful performance with a wide window of application and one-hour rainfastness.

Barricade® has outstanding re-cropping flexibility and with two herbicide groups (2 and 4), Barricade® is an excellent resistance management tool. It has a broad range of tank-mix partners for convenient one-pass grass and broadleaf control.

For more information about Barricade® or any other DuPont product, contact your local crop protection retailer or DuPont representative, call 1-800-667-3925 or visit the Web site www.dupont.ca/ag.

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