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Travallas™ Herbicide Registered for Control of Stork’s Bill and White Cockle

Mississauga, Ontario - May 29, 2015 –  The liquid muscle of new DuPont™ Travallas™ herbicide is now even stronger.

DuPont Crop Protection announced today that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has approved the addition of stork’s bill and white cockle to the list of broadleaf weeds controlled by Travallas™.

Katrina Schmidt, Mississauga-based Market Segment Manager with DuPont, explains that this label extension enhances the already strong control that Travallas™ provides.

“We’re seeing positive momentum since the launch of Travallas™ this past February,” says Schmidt, “and this latest approval by the PMRA adds to the performance that Travallas™ brings to cereal growers.”

Travallas™ delivers broad-spectrum control of tough broadleaf weeds in spring wheat, durum wheat and spring barley. Beyond stork’s bill and white cockle, Travallas™ also has powerful action on dandelion, kochia, cleavers, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, wild buckwheat, Canada thistle1, hemp-nettle and volunteer canola*.

With a wide window of application, from the 2-leaf to flag leaf stage, growers can spray early or late and still control large weeds effectively. Travallas™ combines herbicides from Groups 2 and 4, with three active ingredients (metsulfuron-methyl, thifensulfuron-methyl and fluroxypyr) for powerful performance and effective resistance management. Each 8L jug of Travallas™ treats 40 acres, with an easy-to-handle, optimized liquid formulation.


*Excluding Clearfield® varieties or other varieties with the Pursuit® Smart trait.

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