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Acapela® Fungicide

Acapela® Fungicide: See The Difference, Realize the Potential

Welcome to disease management that fits the way you farm. DuPont™ Acapela® fungicide is now approved for use on canola for sclerotinia control.

Acapela® is an advanced strobilurin fungicide, that was first registered in 2012 delivering broad-spectrum disease control in canola, cereals, corn, soybeans and pulse crops. Acapela®, a Group 11 fungicide that contains the active ingredient picoxystrobin.


With its superior uptake, movement and post-infection properties, Acapela® is a flexible solution for disease management that works with how you farm.

Reliable Performance

Acapela® has best-in-class movement properties that enable it to move into the plant and travel across the leaf surface in search of disease, protecting both existing leaf tissue and new growth.

Healthy Crops and Higher Yields

Acapela® has a new and advanced active ingredient, picoxystrobin that delivers more consistent performance to maximize your crop’s yield potential.

Control of Key Diseases in Your High-value Crops

Acapela® protects the crops that matter to your business from diseases that pose a serious threat.

Canola: Sclerotinia

Cereals (barley, oats, rye, triticale and wheat): leaf rust, powdery mildew, septoria leaf blotch, tan spot.

Corn (field, sweet, seed and popcorn): Northern corn leaf blight.

Soybeans: Asian soybean rust, brown spot (septoria), frogeye leaf spot, sclerotinia stem rot – white mould*.

Pulse crops (lentils, peas, edible dry beans): mycosphaerella pinodes (peas), mycosphaerella blight, Asian soybean rust, sclerotinia rot – white mould*.

With its excellent plant protection, superior rainfastness and tank-mix flexibility, Acapela® takes one of the toughest jobs in crop production and makes it simple.

* suppression


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