Acapela® Fungicide

Protect Your Crops Against Disease With a One-of-a-Kind Fungicide

Only DuPont™ Acapela® gives you speed, agility, and exceptional coverage.

Acapela® Movement Properties

Images depicting the four unique movement properties.

Diseases can affect both yield and quality, so you need a fungicide you can rely on. Acapela® provides more complete coverage and protection against key diseases like white mould (sclerotinia), anthracnose, stripe rust, septoria leaf blotch, crown rust, Northern corn leaf blight, and many more.

With 4 movement properties, Acapela® is a one-of-a-kind fungicide that quickly and efficiently surrounds, penetrates and protects the leaf and stem.

This characteristic provides superior disease control for greener, healthier crops and higher yield potential.



Superior Movement Properties

  • Translaminar Movement:  Moves through the leaf surface to protect top and bottom sides of the leaf.
  • Xylem Systemic Activity:  Movement through the plant tissues to distribute throughout the leaf.
  • Local Gas Activity:  Gas-like protective barrier that moves locally over the leaf surface.
  • Wax Diffusion:  Provides more consistent coverage across the leaf or stem surface.

Acapela® is also rapidly absorbed, putting the above 4 unique movement properties to work fast, and allows you to spray when field conditions are challenging.

Acapela® - Diseases Controlled and Rates

Acapela® - Registered Crops and Application Information





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