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Barricade® II Herbicide

Raise the Bar on Your Broadleaf Weed Control

DuPont™ Barricade® II herbicide leverages the strengths of three (3) active ingredients to provide consistent and powerful control of a broad range of broadleaf weeds in spring wheat, durum wheat and spring barley. That includes excellent control of narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, cleavers and kochia.

Barricade® II contains active ingredients from two groups (Group 2 and 4), making it an effective resistance management tool. Growers also depend on its wide window of application and outstanding re-cropping flexibility.

Wide Range of Tough Broadleafs Controlled

Barricade® II provides exceptional control of key broadleaf weeds in cereals, including: cleavers, kochia, flixweed, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, hemp-nettle, cow cockle, stinkweed, volunteer canola (excluding Clearfield® canola) and wild buckwheat.

Powered by Solumax®

Barricade® II is powered by Solumax® soluble granules, so you get:

  • Control of kochia and cleavers
  • One (1) hour rainfastness
  • Faster, easier and more consistent sprayer cleanout
  • Lower risk to subsequently sprayed crops like peas or canola
  • Fast, effective and consistent weed control

Barricade® II is packaged in an easy-to-handle 40-acre case containing a dry and liquid herbicide. It has a broad range of tank-mix partners for convenient one-pass grass and broadleaf control.

Clearfield® is a registered trademark of BASF.





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