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Corn & Soybean Protection

Maximize the Yield and Quality of Corn and Soybean Crops

You can count on DuPont to provide you with reliable, field-proven herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.  Whether you’re growing IP soybeans or glyphosate-tolerant corn or soybeans, we can help.

Corn and soybeans are the heart of crop production in Ontario and Quebec, with a rising profile on the Prairies. Growers look to DuPont for the crop protection they need, through our complete line of high-quality herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

In recent years, DuPont has added to the level of protection we can offer for your corn and soybean crops. In corn, DuPont™ Coragen® insecticide is now registered to control difficult pests such as corn earworm, European corn borer and Western bean cutworm. We introduced DuPont™ Guardian®  and DuPont™ Guardian® Plus  herbicides, taking broadleaf weed control to a new level.

In 2012 we launched DuPont™ Acapela™ fungicide for disease control in corn and soybeans.  With its one-of-a-kind movement properties, broad-spectrum disease control and unique activity on white mould, Acapela™ is a welcome addition to the corn and soybean grower’s toolkit.  Excellent results in side x side grower trials  in corn and soybeans in 2012 demonstrated the yield and quality benefits of using Acapela™ fungicide.

New for 2013!

DuPont will be offering a new herbicide solution for soybean growers this season called DuPont™ Canopy™ PRO herbicide.  Canopy™ PRO is a new solution that combines DuPont™ Classic® (chlorimuron-ethyl) and a 75% DF metribuzin for GT and IP soybeans.

As important as the reliability of our products is the way we do business. We pride ourselves in having the most knowledgeable people in the field to offer you support and advice.

Take a look around this site to see how DuPont is working to provide solutions for your pest control needs in corn and soybean crops.


  • Guardian® Herbicide

    DuPont™ Guardian® herbicide gets your soybeans off to a clean, weed-free start -- with knockdown and residual activity on the toughest broadleaf weeds, including dandelion, annual sow thistle and yellow nutsedge (suppression).



  • Acapela® Application Timing for Soybean

    Foliar diseases in soybeans can significantly reduce soybean yield. Learn when to apply Acapela® as a preventative treatment for soybeans diseases.

  • Managing Your Workload

    A pre-plant or pre-emergent herbicide program in IP soybeans can help you manage your workload and save you money. Having enough residual to carry you through the busy spring season lets you control yield-robbing weeds early. And sometimes, one spray can be enough. Hear one grower’s experience.

  • Acapela® Application Timing for Corn

    Diseases in corn such as Northern corn leaf blight can significantly reduce corn yield. Learn when to apply Acapela® as a preventative treatment for corn.

  • Dandelion Control

  • Western bean cutworm can cause serious quality issues in corn

    Yield, Quality Problems With WBC

  • DuPont SU Herbicides

    As patents relating to DuPont sulfonylurea (SU) herbicides expire, you’ll be seeing more generic SUs in the market. Here’s why branded DuPont sulfonylurea herbicides are still your best choice.

  • Tools to Solve Major Pest Issues

    New tools from DuPont solve major pest issues so Canadian producers can produce higher yields and better quality crops to feed a growing world population.

  • No-Till Soybeans | IP Soybeans

    Vertical tillage sets the stage for higher yields in no-till soybeans. And pre-plant weed control helps keep premiums in sight. DuPont™ Guardian® brand herbicides can help.

  • Ontario grower uses Guardian to keep soybeans clean

    Make Your First Spray Count

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